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Your donation allows the Cerebral Palsy Society to continue providing much needed support for people with cerebral palsy. If you would like your donation to go towards a Team Member's fundraising target, please click here.

Not sure what area to fundraise for? Well leave it up to us. We'll make sure your hard earned fundraising dollars are put to good use where ever they are needed the most.
Will fund two trips to a fitness program, one Riding for the Disabled experience, or one art class
Will fund 2 counselling sessions through the CP Society’s getUpAgain program
Will help fund the ‘getPhysical’ program, providing access to swimming, yoga, physical fitness classes.
Will help fund trips to activities, appointments and events in mobility taxis.
Will go towards supporting children and youth with cerebral palsy to attend specialised school camps.
Will fund assistance through the getStructured program, enabling families to set up a legal framework around their child with CP
Will go towards equipment to aid in everyday life.
Will help fund transportation services for New Zealanders with cerebral palsy.
Will help fund support for parents of newly diagnosed children with cerebral palsy.
Will help fund the ‘getPhysical’ program, providing access to swimming, yoga and physical fitness classes.
Will go towards growing our Youth Alliance program beyond Auckland.
Will help fund a grant for a person with CP to further their academic studies.
Will help to prevent CP in newborns through improved detection and prevention of jaundice, a known cause of CP.
Will fund research that aims to reduce the severity of CP by repairing brain damage at birth.
Could help give a child with CP a second chance by funding research into stem cells to repair brain damage.
Will support researchers to look for patterns and causes of CP via data on the New Zealand/Australian CP Register.
All amounts are displayed in New Zealand Dollars

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Only click once to avoid duplicate payments.